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My Home PageThis page will serve as the documentation of my app, My Home Page, available for purchase in the Android Market, and

My Home Page is a unique app and the first of its kind. It allows you to create a custom home page for your mobile browser using your favorite links. The home page you create is then stored on your SD card for quick access so each time you open your browser, the web sites you visit on the regular basis are just one click away. This means no more fumbling through a ton of bookmarks to open your favorite web site. There are a few types of styles and themes from which to choose and more are being worked on every day. The best part is that absolutely zero programming or design knowledge is required. If you can create a bookmark then you can create a custom home page. It’s literally that simple.


My Home Page
Developer Web Site:
Developer Contact: avi [at]
Price: Free/$1 (initial release price, normally $1.99)
Free Version: Beta 1.0.3
Pro Version: 1.0

The Changelog can be found at the end of this document.

My Home Page
Try the free version of My Home Page before you purchase the full version. As of now, the free version contains ads which can be removed by purchasing the full version. You can download the free version of My Home Page from the Android Market.


  • Customize your browser’s home page with your favorite links
  • Unlimited folders
  • Unlimited links
  • Bookmark import
  • Google search box
  • Multiple home page types
  • Multiple theme types
  • Multiple font sizes
  • Support for stock Android browser and Dolphin Browser HD
  • Backup/restore option
  • Automatic setting of custom home page for root users


My Home Page Help

How to Use My Home Page

Using My Home Page is simple. From the main screen, simply create folders and add links to those folders. Visit the Setting menu to select a theme that you would like to use for your home page as well as set the other available options (see Settings below). Before setting your custom home page you may view how it will look and act by clicking on the Preview Home Page button. Once you are satisfied with how your custom home page looks, click the Set Home Page button. A custom home page will be created for you and saved to you SD card in the /sdcard/MyHomePage/Themes/ directory. To allow your browser to see your new custom home page, you will have to tell it where to find it (root users, follow the instructions for Root Users). This is rather simple. As of now, My Home Page works with two browsers: the default Android browser and Dolphin Browser HD. To correctly point your browser to your new custom home page, follow the instructions below for your browser of choice. Note that you will only have to perform this operation one time unless you change your custom home page to point to another URL. So you will not be required to do this each time you update your custom home page.

Android Browser Users: Open the browser and click Menu > More > Settings. Find the the “Set home page” option and click it. Continue after the instructions for Dolphin Browser HD users.

Dolphin Browser HD: Open the browser and click Menu > More > Settings. Scroll to the bottom and select “Advanced settings.” Find the the “Set home page” option and click it. Continue below.

Clear out whatever URL is currently in the box using the backspace key on your keyboard. DO NOT long-press and select Cut all. Once you have cleared out the box, long-press and paste the URL into the box. Select “OK.” Restart your browser.

Root Users: You are in luck. If you choose to use root features your home page will automatically be set for you. Make sure that you have “Use Root Features” in the settings menu and then simply click the “Set Home Page” button when you are ready to set your custom home page. Everything will be done for you. Please note that you may have to restart your browser or kill the task to see the changes take effect.

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My Home Page Menu Options

Settings – This is where you can edit your My Home Page settings.

Go Pro (free only) – Upgrade to the Pro version of My Home Page to remove ads.

Help – The place to go for help with My Home Page.

About – Information about My Home Page including the licensing agreement and contact and version information.

More Apps (free only) – See all apps that I have developed.

Changelog – A detailed log of changes made for new versions of My Home Page.

Import Bookmarks – This will import the bookmarks from the Android browser. Bookmarks will be imported into a folder called Imported Bookmarks which will be created when you first import your bookmarks (you can rename this folder at your discretion and if you delete it, it will simply be recreated when you import your bookmarks again). Once your bookmarks are imported you are free to move them to other folders as you please or leave them in the Imported Bookmarks folder. If you add bookmarks to your browser, you can import your bookmarks again and the new ones will be added to the Imported Bookmars folder.

Exit – Exits My Home Page.

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My Home Page Settings

Home Page Type – The type of home page you wish to use.

Home Page Theme – The theme you wish to use. This is only valid for the Accordion Menus Home Page Type above.

Use Animation – Select this option if you would like your menus to open and close using animation. Only valid for the Accordion Menus Home Page Type above.

Hide Empty Folders – Some themes lists links in their respective folders. Check this option to hide folders that contain no links.

Home Page Title – This is the title that is used for bookmarks, emailing a web page and your browser’s title bar. It may also be use by some themes.

Text Size – Used by some themes to set the size of the link text. This is scaled from the default size you have set in your browser. Options are Small, Medium (default) and Large.

Include Google Search – Select this option if you would like a Google search box to be placed at the top of your custom home page.

Default Browser – This will be the default browser that will be used when setting your home page. If you have root access (see below), the home page will automatically be set for you.

Item Click Action – This is the default action when a link is clicked. Option are Open Link (default) and Edit Link.

Links Sort Order – This is the sort order of links both in the My Home Page app and in your theme. Options are Title Asc (default) and Title Desc.

Folder Sort Order – This is the sort order of folders both in the My Home Page app and in your theme. Options are Name Asc (default) and Name Desc.

Show Instructions – When you set your home page using the Set Home Page button on the main screen, you will see instructions on how to proceed. You will be presented with the option to not show the instructions again but you can always turn it back on here.

Backup and Restore Options – My Home Page has two options in the Settings menu for backing up and restoring your links. When you click Backup Links and Preferences, your links database and preferences file are stored on your SD card in the /sdcard/MyHomePage/Backup/ directory. When you click Restore Links and Preferences, My Home Page looks for the links.db database file and the preferences XML in this directory. If you move either of these files, make sure to move them back before restoring your links or preferences. My Home Page will only store one backup at a time on your SD card.

Use Root Features – If you have root access on your device, My Home Page can take advantage of this by streamlining the home page set up process. Without root access, you are required to paste the custom home page URL into your browser’s Set Home Page settings option. If you use root features, My Home Page will automatically set your home page for you. Please note that I cannot help you obtain root access and will simply ignore emails requesting it. If you are already rooted then you can take advantage of this feature as a bonus. If you are not rooted it is your job to investigate your options on your own. It is way beyond what I will do for this app.

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Going Pro

The full version of My Home Page is available in the Android Market and on The full version will remove ads and help support future development. Pro-only features, such as extra home page types and themes, are currently being developed. Pro users will have access to two extra Home Page Themes in the Settings menu for the Accordion Home Page Type: Mahogany and Golden Poppy. As of this writing, My Home Page is in the beta stage of development and purchasing the pro version enables me to continue to add features and generally develop this app.

Purchase the full version from

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My Home Page should work well on all Android devices with version 1.5 and up. An SD card is required and must be mounted when My Home Page is in use.

What Browsers Are Supported by My Home Page?

My Home Page currently works on the default browser and Dolphin HD. I have looked into every browser available on the Android Market and these two are the only browsers capable setting a custom home page URL to a file on the SD card. If you wish for another browser to be supported you must first contact the browser’s developer and have them add the functionality. Only then can I possibly make My Home Page work properly. This is not a limitation of My Home Page but rather, with the browsers in question.

What Is Root Access and Is It Required?

When a phone has root access it is said to be “rooted.” It is an advanced topic and requires that one hack their device in order to gain root access. While My Home Page will work perfectly well for those without rooted devices, those who have root access will be given access to extra features that cannot be done without a rooted device. For the most part, features available to those with rooted devices will simply save them a step or two here and there. The end result on rooted and non-rooted devices will be the same. So root access is certainly not required. If you happen to have it, great. If not, think nothing of it. My Home Page will work perfectly for you.

Can You Help Me Get Root Access?

Sorry but I cannot help you root your phone. There are literally many thousands of people on countless forums (myself being one of them) who are eager to help you through this process.

I Would Like to Request a Feature.

Drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do. Remember, the Android Market is not the place to ask for new features, post bugs or complain about the lack of features in an app. The best way to get what you want is to email me.

I Found a Bug.

Bugs are a fact of life and a fact of application development. While this app is currently in beta, even apps that are out of beta will contain bugs. I aim to fix bugs as soon as they are reported to me but I cannot fix a bug without knowing about it. So please send me as much information as you can regarding the bug which may also include a logcat—a detailed account—of the issue. A logcat can be obtained in several ways but the simplest method would be to download the free aLogCat from the Android Market. Please send all information to

I Emailed You and You Did Not Get Back to Me.

Really? That’s odd. I must have missed your email in my extremely messy inbox. Email me again but be nice. I don’t ignore email on purpose.

You Promised You Would Add a Feature and You Never Did.

Firstly, I make it a policy to never promise to add features. Secondly, I’m not a big corporation. I’m one person who writes apps in my “spare” time and coding takes a lot of time. I get scores of feature requests and it is simply not possible to add them all, at least not quickly. So be patient. Perhaps I am working on it now. Or perhaps it’s on my list. Heck, I may never get to it. Some features may not justify the time needed to implement them. I do my very best to accommodate everyone and all requests but this is sometimes just not possible.

What Happens If I Uninstall My Home Page?

Well, for starters, you will no longer have My Home Page on your device. But I don’t think that that is what you meant. Two things will happen. One, you will lose all of the links and folders that you have created and will only be able to restore them if you have backed them up. Two, if you have set a custom home page in your browser, you might get a file not found error when opening your browser. This will only happen if you also remove the MyHomePage directory off your SD card. If this happens, either recreate a custom home page using My Home Page or set your browser to open a new URL as its default. If you uninstall My Home Page and leave the MyHomePage directory on your SD card and don’t change the default home URL in your browser you will still see your My Home Page custom home page. See below for how to change that.

I Uninstalled My Home Page and Still See My Custom Home Page In My Browser.

This is because the MyHomePage directory on your SD card cannot be removed when you uninstall My Home Page. This is a limitation of Android (for your security). If you would like to remove every trace of My Home Page from your device :(, uninstall the My Home Page application, delete the MyHomePage directory from your SD card (this will remove all themes and backups you may have made) and set your browser to point to a new URL using the same method you did for setting your custom home page. If you are a root user and need instructions on how to set your home page in your browser, see the instruction on How to Use My Home Page.

What Permissions Does My Home Page Request and Why?

My Home Page requests three permissions: reading browser bookmarks/history, write to external storage and the Internet. My Home Page needs to be able to read your browser’s bookmarks to import them for you. It needs to write to external storage (your SD card) so that it can store the home page that you create along with supporting files. It is also used when you backup/restore your settings and links. You can find everything that is created by My Home Page in the MyHomePage directory on you SD card. And finally, My Home Page requests Internet permissions for ads only. That’s it.

What Does My Home Page Do With Root Access?

My Home Page uses root access, with your permission only, to set your browser’s home page automatically so that you do not need to paste the URL into the browser’s Set Home Page preference. It is entirely up to you whether or not to use root access. Since you are only required to set the home page URL once, you are more than welcome to do this manually. Root access is not at all required to enjoy the benefits of My Home Page. It is merely included as a convenience for those who wish to use it.

I Have Read the Help File and the FAQs and I Still Have a Question.

No problem. I am more than happy to help. Email me at or visit via the web at But remember, I receive thousands of emails regarding my applications so it may take me a little bit to return your email. Sit tight. I get back to everyone as fast as I can so please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Beta 1.0.3

  • Initial public beta release.
  • Updated the About section to add information regarding use of WordPress GNU GPL code.
  • Updated the Help file to add bug reporting information.
  • Cosmetic fix to the accordion menu.

Beta 1.0.2

  • Updated the Pro version to permanently remove the icon.
  • Added Pro version information to the Help file.
  • Fixed bug where option to move a link to a new folder was displayed even if there was only one folder.
  • Updated grammatical errors in the Help and Welcome files.
  • Shortened the Welcome file to just the opening blurb and enlarged the font.
  • Redesign of buttons app-wide using buttons from the open-source WordPress app.
  • Changed bottom grey buttons bar to a lighter grey.
  • Added new list dividers.
  • Changed “Send to Recycling Bin” to “Recycle” when confirming sending a link to the Recycling Bin.

Beta 1.0.1

  • Fixed landscape bug where the folder button had a line break in it.
  • Centered ad in landscape mode.
  • Added Froyo install to SD card option.
  • Free and Pro versions now compiled using the 2.2 SDK.

Beta 1.0

  • Initial private beta release.

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