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Get Your Game On and Win My Nexus One [Update]

September 15th 2011

Update: I removed the minimum number of Twitter followers requirement. I forgot that I don’t care about followers.

So here goes. I’m giving away my Nexus One and winning it couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is download the beta version of my new app, Game On, follow me on Twitter @BrooklynAvi and RT the message below. That’s it. I will select one winner at random (sorry, U.S. entries only).

To download Game On, visit the forums at XDA and download the APK from the end of the post. Start using Game On and when it reaches 500 game data uploads and I reach 500 followers on Twitter, a winner will be selected.

Here’s what to do:

Some rules:

  • You must be a follower in order to win
  • Your RT must include my Twitter handle, @BrooklynAvi, the hash tag #GameOn and the link to this page,
  • I must reach 500 followers and Game On must have 500 game data uploads
  • Contest open to U.S. residents 18 years or older only, void where prohibited
  • Anyone found using multiple accounts will be ineligible to win
  • Rules subject to change without notice.

“Unlimited” Data: A Move in the Wrong Direction

November 23rd 2010

CarriersLately, carriers have been implementing tiered data plans. This is being offered under the guise of being helpful to those who pay for unlimited plans and do not use them. Carriers would have you believe that they are doing those customers a service when in reality, they could not care less about them wasting their money. In fact, they absolutely love it. Who wouldn’t love someone who pays for a service they do not use? It is a fantastic way to make money. The people against whom these tiered data plans are targeted are those who actually use data. These are the people who want to actually get the service for which they paid.

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Too Many Apps? No Such Thing

April 27th 2010

I read an article (okay, it was a quick post) this week on that questioned the importance of apps and whether one can have too many. Another post on Android Central asked Droid users what their must-have apps were. The responses that I read were a bit shocking to me, particularly when you consider that these posts were geared toward owners of high-end phones designed to take advantage of apps. In the former article, 47% used less than five apps while only 12% used more than eleven apps. In the latter article, people were actually able to list their must-have apps. You’ll see later why this is surprising to me. As the title of this article suggests, I like apps. Actually, that’s not true. I love apps. I am an app junkie. But I don’t just like apps because they are there. They have to be useful, entertaining or both. They have to provide me with something that either enriches my life or makes my life easier in some way. A nice user interface is nice but not a necessity. Function over form, I always say.

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