This page will serve as the documentation of my app, CacheMate for Root Users, available for purchase in the Android Market, and

CacheMate, a root only app, can clear caches from ALL apps with the click of a button, with extra attention placed on a couple of hundred specific apps requested by users. There are a variety of options from which to choose. You can select which caches to clear, Auto-Clear settings, one-touch widget, clear data (experimental), clear caches from SD card, and backup and restore CacheMate settings.

What others are saying about CacheMate…
Flawless! It helps keep my Magic running clean and fast! –Jay
The only paid app that every root phone needs. –Lulu
Absolutely essential…Thanks heaps. –coina


Changelog and TODO

The Changelog and TODO has been moved to the end of the help section below. It was getting quite long and was beginning to obscure the rest of the content.

CacheMate Demo Version

Download the free version of CacheMate before you purchase the full version. For a full list of features in the free version, see the help file in the application. The free version of CacheMate is available in the Android Market, and


  • Clear Cache – Clear the caches from all apps plus hundreds apps with fine-tuned precision in one click
  • Auto-Clear – Have your caches automatically cleared according to a set interval
  • Widget – 1×1 widget that clears your selected caches with one touch
  • Clear Data – Experimental (see below for details)
  • Settings – Option to select which caches to clear
  • Backup/Restore – Backup/restore your CacheMate settings so you can easily setup the app if you have to wipe your phone’s data
  • Cache on SD Card – Clear caches from SD card. Experimental (see below for details)
  • Clear TA Utility Caches – Clear caches created by TA Utility from the SD card.


Important Note

I work extremely hard to make sure that everyone who uses this app is completely satisfied. Anyone who has emailed me can attest to this fact. I ask that if you have any issues, comments or suggestions that you email me rather than comment in the Market or rate the app negatively. It is unfair to developers to use the Market as a help forum or to proclaim dissatisfaction. We work hard and wish to help but it is generally not possible when we cannot respond to inquiries. If you email me, I will work with you until your issue is solved, and if necessary, even refund your money. To date, every issue I’ve been emailed has been solved to the satisfaction of the user. This cannot be done if I am not made aware of the problem in the proper manner.

CacheMate Help

CacheMate Settings

Clear TA Utility Caches – Check if you wish to clear caches from your SD card that are created by the app “Move Cache for Root Users,” also known as “TA Utility.” See the Caches on SD Card section below.

Close CacheMate on Clear – Check if you want CacheMate to close immediately after your caches are cleared.

Vibrate Clear Button when Clicked – Check if you want the Clear button to vibrate when it is clicked. Uncheck it to turn vibration off.

Vibrate Widget when Clicked – Check if you want the widget to vibrate when it is clicked. Uncheck it to turn vibration off.

Auto-Clear Settings – See Auto-Clear instructions below.

Enable Auto-Clear at Boot – Check this box to allow your Auto-Clear settings to persist after you reboot your device.

Caches – A list of caches you wish to have CacheMate clear. You can select as few or as many as you wish. Note that checking a cache of an app not installed on your phone will not do any harm. These option are here mainly if you have a reason not to clear a cache. In that case, you would uncheck it (a good example would be HTC Albums but even if you don’t own a Hero, this can be checked with no adverse effects). If you don’t care what gets cleared you can always check all of them. If the app doesn’t exists, no harm will be done.

Clear AdMob and Google Analytics Data – Many apps create data to be used with Google Analytics or for advertisements in the case of AdMob data. Check this box to automatically clear this data.

Clear Flash Cache – Apps that use Flash on Froyo may store cache related to its use. This should out that cache. It’s still in the experimental stage although it should work.

Clear Temporary Cache – When you download files, temporary versions are created as the file is downloaded and stored in the /cache directory. Check this box to remove them. It will not change the overall amount of cache removed from your system as app cache is, oddly enough, not stored in the /cache directory.

Data – Experimental. See Data instructions below.

SD Card – Experimental. See Caches on SD Card for complete details.

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Auto-Clear allows you to have your cache automatically removed at set intervals. You may choose between 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 48 hour intervals. A “Disable” interval was added in CacheMate v1.6 as a fail-safe to ensure that Auto-Clear does not accidentally run if you don’t want it to. The same can be achieved by not having Auto-Clear run when the device boots and unscheduling (or never scheduling) Auto-Clear to run (see Disabling Auto-Clear below).

To set up Auto-Clear, click Menu > Settings > Auto-Clear Settings. To set your interval, click Auto-Clear Interval and select your interval. Auto-Clear’s default interval is six (6) hours.

If you would like Auto-Clear to continue its schedule when you reboot your device, check the box labeled Enable Auto-Clear at Boot (off by default). Note that if this option is selected, Auto-Clear will clear your cache when your device reboots before rescheduling itself.

Once you have set up Auto-Clear, you must start the schedule. You can do this by clicking Menu from the main screen and then clicking Auto-Clear. When the Auto-Clear screen opens, simply click Schedule to start Auto-Clear. Every time you start a new schedule in this manner your cache will be cleared. To disable Auto-Clear, visit the Auto-Clear screen and click Unschedule. However, if you still have Enable Auto-Clear at Boot checked in the Settings menu, Auto-Clear will restart itself when your device reboots. If you wish to completely disable Auto-Clear, uncheck the Enable Auto-Clear at Boot box and click Unschedule from the Auto-Clear screen.

Disabling Auto-Clear: A “Disable” interval was added in CacheMate v1.6 to disable Auto-Clear. The same can be achieved by unchecking Enable Auto-Clear at Boot in Settings. If you have scheduled Auto-Clear in the past, go to Menu > Auto-Clear and click “Unschedule.” If you have never scheduled Auto-Clear, you needn’t do anything as Auto-Clear is disabled by default. Setting the Auto-Clear interval to “Disable” will ensure that Auto-Clear never runs, effectively turning it off.

Task Managers: If you use a task manager such as Advanced Task Manager, you must put CacheMate on the Exclude List. For Advanced Task Manager, click Menu > Preferences > Auto-End Excluded List > Add New Items. Select CacheMate from the pop-up dialog menu. You will also want to exclude CacheMate from any other exclude list in Advanced Task Manager. For other task managers, see the app’s documentation.

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A widget was added to version 2.0 of CacheMate. The widget is added like all other home screen widgets. Simple long-press in an empty area on your home screen and select Widgets from the list. Then, select CacheMate Widget from the widgets list. The CacheMate widget is 1×1 so you only need one square of space, the same size as any application icon.

The widget functions like the Clear button in the main app. It will clear all the caches that you have selected in the settings menu of the main application.

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CacheMate has two menu options for backing up and restoring your settings. When you click Backup, the settings are stored on your SD card in a file called CacheMate.xml on the root of your SD card (i.e. not in any folder). When you click restore, CacheMate looks for this file in the root of your SD card. You can move this file out of the root of your SD card if you’d like but make sure to move it back before restoring your settings.

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Data (Experimental)

Warning: Data is not backed up before it is removed. If you choose to remove data from your device it cannot be recovered by CacheMate. Use at your own risk.

Important: After clearing any data from any app, the app must be restarted by killing the task using a task manager or by rebooting your device (the former is preferable since it’s simpler and faster). Please do not assume that your data was not cleared if you didn’t bother to restart the app. If the app is not restarted you will not see the changes reflected. While I answer all email that I receive (often within minutes!), I cannot keep answering email regarding a highly experimental feature if instructions aren’t followed.

I am experimenting with the option to remove certain data from your device. While data is usually recreated by the app, some data is often unnecessary or unwanted and builds up over time taking of precious storage on your device. While removing some data can have a negative effect on an app’s user experience (for example, removing login data from the Facebook app would cause the user to have to log back in each time), other data can be safely removed. For example, every time you enter a search term into the Market to search for an app, the term gets stored as data on your device. Over time, this data builds up and takes up space on your phone. So, the first data removal option was Market Search History.

To remove data, open the Data section in the Settings menu and simply check the box next to the data you wish to remove just like you would cache. Now, when you clear your cache, the checked data will be removed as well. All data is unchecked by default. CacheMate has the ability to clear the following data:
Amazon MP3 Store Search History, Barcode Scanner Data/History, Browser Downloads List Data, Dolphin Download History, Gmail Search History, Market Search History, TuneWiki Social Media Player, Voicesearch Data/History, YouTube Data/History, YouTube Downloader History and yxflash

Please note that since this is experimental, unlike cache, I will not be accepting suggestions for data removal. I will add data little by little as I experiment with this feature. Your feedback, however, is always welcome.

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Caches on SD Card

CacheMate clears two types of caches from the SD card (FAT32 partition). The first are those created by apps installed on your device. Some apps use the device to store cache, some use the SD card and some use both. While clearing cache off the SD card can be done using a file explorer, sifting through all those directories to figure out what needs to be deleted can be a pain. To simplify this task, CacheMate now clears select caches from the SD card. Simply select the caches from the “SD Card” list in the Settings menu.

The second are those caches that are created by the Market app called “Move Cache for Root Users” also known as “TA Utility.” This app moves certain caches from the device to the SD card. Those are Market, Browser, Gmail, Google Maps, StreetView and Steel. By checking the “Clear TA Utility Caches” checkbox, these directories will be cleared. Note that I have zero control over how TA Utility moves cache. Clearing these directories is just another service provided by CacheMate.

Please note that CacheMate assumes the following directory structure on the SD card for these caches (automatically created by TA Utility):

/sdcard/cache/ with the following directories in the cache folder: Browser, Gmail, Maps, Market, Steel and Street.

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Is Root Needed?

Yes. CacheMate will only work on a device that has root access enabled and busybox installed. When requested by SU Whitelist, click “Always Allow” or “Remember” so that you can quickly clear your cache. There are no plans to make an non-root version of CacheMate since this is currently not possible under any versions of the Android SDK. In the unlikely event that it does become possible to make an non-root version of CacheMate, rest assured that I will create it.

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Can a Cache be Added?

Yes. Simply drop me an email. Comments in the Market, while often read by me, are not the best way to get cache added. To date, I have added every requested cache so do not hesitate to email me at to recommend an app’s cache.

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Which Caches are Cleared?

CacheMate clears the cache of all apps on your device with a particular focus on the many popular apps.

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Why Can’t I Add Cache Myself?

Not all apps contain cache and even the ones that do, often handle cache in a different manner. So, an investigation must take place for each app and it must progmatically be added by hand. It is a lengthy process and must be handled with great care so the right, disposable data is removed and the important data vital to an app’s performance is left intact. So if you would like a cache added see Can a Cache be Added?

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Why Are There So Many Updates?

The nature of CacheMate is such that it needs to be updated frequently. Since caches need to be added manually by me, often as a result of requests from users, I must issue an update so that the new cache can be added. In order for CacheMate to be effective at keeping your device as free from cache as possible, please make sure to download all updates. In addition to added caches, I often add new features as requested by users as well as those I feel are necessary for CacheMate to continue to be effective at performing its primary function—to free your device of unwanted and unnecessary files.

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Why Did You Create CacheMate?

CacheMate was originally created for my personal use. Then I gave it to a friend who requested some apps be added to the list. Then another friend requested some more apps be added. Over time, the list of apps grew. Finally, it was suggested that I make the app look a little more presentable, add a few more features and release it to the public. So I did.

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What are the Requirements for CacheMate?

In order to use CacheMate, your phone must be rooted and contain busybox. If you don’t know what rooted means then your phone is not rooted. Simple as that. If your phone was rooted, you would know because you would have rooted it. Busybox is contained in almost all custom ROMs or least in any ROM worthy of being put on your device. It is your responsibility to meet these requirements, not mine.

What is Root Access?

Root access is a hack to the device that enables certain features not available from the factory. You may know the term as jailbreaking.

Can You Help Me Get Root Access?

Sorry but I cannot help you root your phone. This is way beyond what I do as an app developer. There are literally many thousands of people on countless forums (myself being one of them) who are eager to help you through this process. I simply develop apps for those who are already rooted.

Can CacheMate Work Without Root Access?

No. And it most likely never will. This is not a conspiracy against those who do not have root access. This is simply a limitation of the Android operating system. It is actually a security protection for you. By rooting your device you are basically saying that you understand the risks of root access and are willing to take them.

I Have Root Access and it Still Doesn’t Work

Either you do not actually have root access and/or busybox or something else is wrong. It is more than likely not (read just about impossible) that it is the app. If I sound sure of myself it’s because I am. CacheMate has been personally and thoroughly tested on literally scores of different ROMs on dozens of phones and is used by tens of thousands of root users every day for many months. There is no reason it should not be working on a rooted device with a custom ROM. Please check the forum where you downloaded the ROM if you are having trouble getting CacheMate, or any other root app, to work on your device.

I’ve Read the Help File and the FAQs and it Still Doesn’t Work

No problem. I’d be happy to help. Email me at or visit via the web at But remember, I’ve received thousands of emails regarding CacheMate and I’m confident that if these FAQs should cover most of your questions. Time is precious so please don’t waste both of ours by asking a question already addressed here. That said, I actually enjoy getting email from CacheMate users so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Changelog and TODO


  • Support for large-screen devices.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich support.
  • PowerClear is now the standard action for CacheMate and cannot be turned off.
  • Removed redundant cache cleaning for caches cleared by PowerClear since PowerClear is now the standard CacheMate action.
  • Cache clearing process is now faster.
  • Turned off most cache by default. Enable individually in settings.
  • AdMob and Google Analytics data cleared by default.
  • Flash cache cleared by default.
  • Redesigned clear button.
  • Possible fix for hanging when clearing cache. Your feedback is needed here.


  • Widget icon updated
  • Widget background updated


  • New icon thanks to @fitsnugly.
  • Added cache: ES File Explorer, HTC Facebook, HTC Flickr, Miren Browser, Opera Mini Web Browser, Opera Mobile Web Browser, Reddit is Fun and Stumbleupon
  • Updated cache: TweetDeck
  • Removed old/outdated/unnecessary cache: 1nternet Browser, Chris Farley – Matt Foley v3, CNN Browser, Phone Locator and At Bat 2010
  • Renamed Touiteur to Plume


  • Possible fix for the hang some users are experiencing. I still cannot replicate so send me logs if you can.
  • App “drawer” is now spelled correctly. I could have sworn I had written it correctly the first time around. Thanks Janis.
  • If you’d like support for Galaxy S apps, please send me an email.


  • Application now reads only “CacheMate” in the app drawer.
  • Added caches: Zombies Live, Vampires Live, Pets Live, Ninjas Live, Kingdoms Live, Waze, ESPN Score Center, Tweetdeck, WordPress, Handcent Location Plugin, myYearbook: Dating & Fun (off by default), my6sense and yxplayer
  • Updated caches: Racing Live, World War and Touiteur (off by default)
  • Data: yxplayer (off by default)


  • Added caches: Gilt, IMDb Movies & TV, Live TV by Miguntu Lab, ONN, Open Spot, Subsonic Music Streamer, TapaTalk Pro and Twitter
  • Fix for possible data removal from Sound Hound
  • Renamed Sound Hound from Midomi


  • Added cache: Aldiko (off by default), Dolphin Browser HD, Epicurious, Hulu Bookmark and NYMag
  • More cache removal for Browser
  • Added option to remove Flash cache


  • Added one hour interval to Auto-Clear. Please note that this might use more battery.
  • Added cache: Congress, NYTimes and TMZ
  • CacheMate is now called CacheMate for Root Users (although I still call it CacheMate)
  • New web site:


  • Now displays how much cache was cleared every time cache is cleared both in the app and when using the widget
  • Automatically displays changelog by every new version
  • New user instructions message
  • Added FAQs
  • Added option to clear AdMob and Google Analytics data
  • Added option to clear temporary download files
  • Added Skyfire cache
  • Added Repligo Reader data
  • Added Soundhound SD card cache


  • Added CBS News cache
  • Added Engadget cache
  • Added Racing Live cache
  • Added UPS Mobile cache
  • Added XDA-Developers cache


  • Added CardioTrainer cache
  • Added Chandroid cache
  • Added Digg cache
  • Added HootSuite Full cache
  • Added HootSuite Lite cache
  • Added iMobsters cache
  • Added Ustream Broadcaster cache
  • Added World War cache
  • Added Ustream Viewer SD card cache


  • Added PowerClear option to main screen for convenience
  • Added Epocrates cache
  • Added cache
  • Updated Settings icon to match Android 2.x


  • Bug Fix: xScope data no longer being wiped when cache is cleared
  • Bug Fix: Clearing all the cache from E! Online
  • Added Car Locator cache (off by default)
  • Added At Bat 2010 cache
  • Added Quick Search (Global Search) History data
  • Added Yellowbook search history data


  • Added BBC News (Jim Blackler) cache
  • Added cab4me cache
  • Added Go! Sydney cache
  • Added Google Earth cache
  • Added Google Earth Search History data
  • Added ZAGAT TO GO ‘10 cache
  • Added ZAGAT TO GO ’10 data


  • Added Seesmic SD card cache
  • Separated Maps into three parts: cache, data and history. Removing cache will remove ONLY the maps tiles.
    Removing data will essentially reset Maps removing all layers, Buzz, Latitude, etc. Removing history will remove
    your search history and suggestions. Data and History can be found in the data section. Cache is in its usual place.


  • Added option to toggle vibration on Clear button; on by default
  • Important Change: Shazam is now in the data section. It has been divided into a cache portion and
    a data portion. You can delete either tag library cache, tag library data or both. They are both off
    by default. See explanation in Menu > Setting > Data (Experimental)
  • Added 1CAST Video News cache and SD card cache
  • Added LockBot Free cache
  • Added cache


  • Quick bug fix for Bible. Now a data, not a cache.


  • Added cache
  • Added Bible by cache
  • Added Chris Farley – Matt Foley v3 cache
  • Added eBay by eBay cache
  • Added Landscape Background NonStop cache
  • Added Landscape Wallpaper (jackeey.wu) cache
  • Added Landscape Wallpaper (MVApp) cache
  • Added Live Chat cache
  • Added Manga Viewer cache (off by default)
  • Added Smart TacToe cache
  • Added Touiteur cache
  • Added Urbanspoon cache
  • Added xScope Web Task File Browser cache
  • Added LOL Sites SD card cache
  • Added Touiteur SD card cache


  • Added PowerClear option to aggressively and without prejudice clear out all cache on the device. Please see the Help file before using this option.
  • Added AP Mobile cache
  • Added Celebrity Gossip (by Jamis Dean) cache
  • Added Celebrity Gossip (by Yan-David Erlich) cache
  • Added Console Guide Lite cache
  • Added Console Guide Pro cache
  • Added Golf Channel Mobile cache
  • Added Google Wallpapers cache
  • Added Infinity Browser cache
  • Added iPharmacy cache
  • Added Market Suggest cache
  • Added Midomi cache
  • Added National Football Post cache
  • Added NetaShare cache
  • Added Amazon MP3 Store SD card cache
  • Added AP Mobile SD card cache
  • Added National Football Post SD card cache
  • Added Winter Sports Live SD card cache
  • Added Amazon MP3 Store search history data
  • Added TuneWiki Social Media Player data
  • Added yxflash data


  • Added Mobil cache
  • Added Discovery Channel cache
  • Added Survival Manual cache
  • Added Tricorder cache


  • Added CBS Sports Pro Football cache
  • Added cache
  • Added SD card cache
  • Added Newspapers cache
  • Added Photobucket Mobile cache
  • Updated Google Maps Navigation SD card cache for new version
  • Update Dolphin cache to clear more cache
  • Add Dolphin Download History data
  • Flixster now “correctly” labeled under the letter “F”


  • Added GMail Search History data
  • Added LockBot Pro cache
  • Added Point Inside Mall Maps cache
  • Added Point Inside Mall Maps SD card cache
  • Added SlideScreen Free cache
  • Added SlideScreen Pro cache
  • Added TweetCaster cache
  • Added TweetCaster SD card cache


  • Added Twicca Beta cache
  • Cestos cache reported working


  • Added Cestos cache (beta-ish)
  • Added Built-in Android Email App cache (off by default)
  • Updated Dolphin Browser cache removal


  • Added m:Zombies cache (off by default)
  • Added NPR cache
  • Added Thomson Reuters News Pro cache
  • Added Babbler SD card cache
  • Added Express News SD card cache
  • Added Issuu Mobile SD card cache
  • Added Movie Finder SD card cache
  • Added Swift Twitter App SD card cache
  • Added Thomson Reuters News Pro SD card cache
  • Added Twidroid Free SD card cache
  • Added Twidroid Pro SD card cache


  • Design tweaks
  • Better landscape support
  • Now clears more caches on the SD card. Experimental. See Help for details.
  • The “Clear Caches on SD Card” option is now called “Clear TA Utility Caches.” See Help.
  • Added Google Maps Navigation SD card cache
  • Added MovieNext cache
  • Added Phoneflicks cache
  • Improvements to cache removal process complete


  • Added 1800Flowers Mobile Gift Center cache
  • Added CNET Scan & Shop cache
  • Added Fandango Movies cache
  • Added Issuu Mobile cache
  • Added PlinkArt cache


  • Added Barcode Scanner data/history
  • Added Browser Downloads List data
  • Added YouTube data/history
  • Added YouTube Downloader history
  • Added Voicesearch data/history
  • Added 50 States cache
  • Added FartDroid cache
  • Added GenieWidget News and Weather cache
  • Added Gentle Alarm cache
  • Added Intelligent Home Screen – Larva Labs cache
  • Added Phone Locator cache
  • Added Phone Locator Light cache
  • Added Meridian cache
  • Added Note Everything cache
  • Added TasKiller Full cache
  • Added wpToGo cache


  • Added better instructions to clarify data clearing feature. Please read the help
    manual before emailing me and email me before a negative rating.


  • Added Data clearing. Highly experimental. See Help before using.
  • Fixed Locale cache removal to include map cache


  • Added option to turn vibration on/off when the widget is clicked (vibration is on by default)
  • Made help menu links more finger-friendly
  • Added Locale cache
  • Added Opentable cache
  • Added Remote Desktop Client cache
  • Added Weather Widget – Free cache
  • Added Yellowbook cache


  • Moved Changelog to its own screen (it’s getting very big)
  • Added cache
  • Added Apartments cache
  • Added DailyHoroscope cache
  • Added E! Online cache
  • Added Express News cache
  • Added FlightStats for Android cache
  • Added Funny Jokes cache
  • Added Horoscopes and Tarot cache
  • Added Location Scout cache
  • Added Live Football Scores cache
  • Added Love Poems cache
  • Added Mabilo Ringtones cache
  • Added Movies cache
  • Added Movies and Showtimes (Flixster) cache
  • Added My Coupons cache
  • Added My Tracks cache
  • Added Places Directory cache
  • Added Sherpa cache
  • Added Soccer Livescores BETA cache
  • Added TV-Guide USA cache
  • Added Twidroid Free cache
  • Added USA Today cache
  • Added Voice Search cache
  • Added Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers cache


  • Widget!
  • Now with over 100 caches
  • Added Aloqa cache
  • Added Backgrounds cache
  • Added Caller ID by WhitePages and WhitePage with Caller ID
  • Added FlyCast cache
  • Added Movie Finder cache
  • Added Phonalyzr cache
  • Added Where cache
  • Added WhereBlogger (Map Tiles), off by default
  • Added WikiTap cache
  • Added vTap cache
  • Added ALL Moblyng Software cache (over 15 apps total, off by default)


  • Added DroidLive Lite cache
  • Added FeedR cache
  • Added Google Goggles cache
  • Added Layar cache
  • Added Notice News cache
  • Added NubiNews Reader cache
  • Added SnapTell cache
  • Added Steamy Window Free cache
  • Added Yelp cache
  • More improvement to cache removal process (not done yet)
  • Other code cleanup in preparation for the widget (coming soon-ish)


  • Added Buzz Deck cache
  • Added Radar Now cache
  • Added SyncMyPix cache
  • Added WeatherBug Elite cache
  • Improved WeatherBug Free cache removal


  • Added internal memory stats to main screen
  • Added confirm dialogs to backup and restore options
  • Minor design tweaks
  • Added Hi MSN Beta cache


  • Added MyWeather Mobile cache


  • More cache for many apps is now cleared without deleting cookies and other possibly important data
  • Added Absolute Fitness cache
  • Added Bank of America cache
  • Added Personal Assistant Free cache


  • Added News cache


  • Added NetDroid Browser cache


  • Added eHow cache


  • Added Java J2ME Runner cache
  • Added Quick Uninstaller (by MGeek) cache


  • Added ShopSavvy cache
  • Added explicit Disable option to Auto-Clear settings


  • Added photo Sleuth Pro/Lite cache
  • Added photo Slacker Radio cache


  • Added Xtreme Labs Speedtest cache


  • Added Sporting News Pro Football cache


  • Added HTC Albums cache (Hero only, off by default)
  • Added cache


  • Left some testing code in so the 3 and 6 hour intervals ran for a shorter time span. All fixed now.


  • Auto-Clear!
  • Added Dungeon Quest 20 (off by default)
  • Added Dungeon Quest 25 (off by default)
  • Added Swift Twitter App


  • Fixed Force Close issue when cache is cleared
  • Some code cleanup to make things run more smoothly
  • Added MySpace cache


  • Fixed bug where Dolphin cookies were being deleted. Sorry all.


  • Added Dolphin Browser


  • Better widget support
  • Clear data
  • More caches (I need your help for this)
  • Some more “secret” features
  • Possible cool re-design (if I can work out some issues first)